Best practices – Una orientación para todos

Una orientación para todos 

Esment Escola Professional, Spain

It is an integrated training project within a business environment. 

We want to present a labour training model of attention to young people and people with intellectual disabilities that combines guidance, training and employment in the hotel and catering sector (cooking, catering and bakery) mainly, but also in professions such as: printing, cleaning, administration and gardening. 

The model consists of a 3-year training programme through training and apprenticeship contracts, based on a combination of accredited training (level 1 and level 2 certificates of professionalism) plus other training specialities designed to develop technical as well as personal and social skills. With an eminently practical approach, based on the “learning by doing” methodology, consisting of practice in a real work context.

Objectives: To improve the employability of young people and people with disabilities through guidance and support throughout their professional qualification process.

Target group: Young people with Intellectual Disabilities, from 16 years of age Young people between 16 and 29 years of age

  • Who may or may not have completed compulsory secondary education.
  • Unemployed
  • With professional qualification needs that favour their access to employment.