Best practices – Orientació vocacional i professional. Un projecte de vida en continua revisió

Orientació vocacional i professional. Un projecte de vida en continua revisió 

Escola Garbí Pere Vergés Esplugues

The program shows how the Escola Garbí Pere Vergés carries out the task of guiding our students in their decision-making. At the end of their training at our institution, the boys, in addition to being clear about the route that will lead them to be in a position to exercise a profession, must also carry in their rucksack a series of tools that allow them to reflect on who they are, what they want and where they want to direct their personal and professional lives at all times.

The proposal consists of different types of activities depending on the objectives and the degree to which the vocational and professional orientation appears explicit, therefore, the project consists of a battery of activities with a non-specific orientation and activities of specific orientation. The first aim for the students to get to know each other in depth and know what is the image they project, the second are aimed at the students being able to discover what the training and work environments are and what requirements they need in order, finally, to know which is your professional profile and choose your training route.


  • To provide the student with tools for self-knowledge so that they can use them to analyze their skills, their knowledge and their interests as a preliminary step to the development of their professional life project.
  • Provide boys and girls with action plans for decision-making.
  • Show the current training offer that the student can access and find out where and how to get the necessary tools to stay updated at all times.
  • Foster among boys and girls the idea that vocational and professional self-orientation must be a constant in their lives.

The recipients of this project are ESO and high school students from a medium-high socio-economic and cultural environment and who have families in which most of the parents have university degrees. In 98% of the boys and girls, their educational expectations are access to university.