What is it?

A digital self-evaluation and diagnostic tool for Secondary schools so that as a school they can evaluate the guidance services they provide to their students and how they are supporting them, especially in this very challenging context, often at a distance.


Secondary school leadership, school directors, coordinators and guidance practitioners.


The Tackle Checklist is a management and quality diagnostic tool for Secondary
schools in relation to the guidance programs and activities they carry out.

The TACKLE Checklist has a specific focus on helping Secondary schools and students in transitions to education, training or work pathways, therefore contributing to tackling Early
School Leaving or at those at risk in the complex post Covid-19 context.

News users are asked to complete a brief registration form to validate that their email address exists before beginning the tool. For those who want to enter as a guest, the following guest user is available:

For reference, below, the Checklist is available in an analogue form.

The Checklist was developed through different actions which included:

  • Focus groups with guidance practitioners and experts
  • Item development
  • Item validity with experts on clarity, idoneity, rellevance and accessibility
  • Translation and contextual adaptation

Find more about the development of the TACKLE Checklist in the report.