Action Plan and Resource

Once the schools have completed the TACKLE Guidance Checklist, the tool accompanies them in the process of developing an Action Plan to create a quality School
Guidance Action Plan and connects them with resources and recommendations.
The Guidance Action Plan and Resource is a key support once the Secondary Schools complete the TACKLE Checklist and receive their diagnostic evaluation report – this tool will accompany them as they plan the next steps – in the short, medium and long term. Like the Checklist, the target group of the Action Plan is school directors, coordinators and guidance practitioners- the key actors of the guidance program and strategy at a school.

News users are asked to complete a brief registration form to validate that their email address exists before beginning the tool. For those who want to enter as a guest, the following guest user is available:

The tool includes Improvement notes and suggested Actions for improvement that are ordered by the sections of the Checklist. The tool also shows the evaluation/score of the statement.

Users can add click on “Add to action plan” to incorporate the suggestion action for improvement into their plan and set an estimated date for completion.  

Users can also choose to write and add their own actions to take. They can write notes about the improvement, specific the action and even add related resources and links.

At the end of the plan there is an additional space for notes and comments before submission:

The Action Plan can be viewed and then downloaded by clicking on the eye icon from the Results Panel:

And from the pencil icon users can edit and revise their Action plan.

And from the pencil icon users can edit and revise their Action plan.