D’EP Institut (Spain)

D’EP Institut is specialized in social research, marketing and strategy consulting with more than 15 years of experience in the field of education, training and the world of work. In 1998 D’EP Institut started EDUCAWEB ( – the most important Spanish website devoted to educational and career guidance and information. The main subjects of expertise of D’EP Institut are: Education, Training, and Employment. D’EP Institut has broad experience in the field and has done more than 100 research, projects focused on ICT guidance and skills, consultancy projects related to the training of adults, the needs of students, workers and job seekers in the ambit of formal and informal learning and other studies related to lifelong learning in general.


Centro Studi Pluriversum is an Italian private company, engaged in the field of career education and career counselling, which has planned, provided services and managed projects within the PES, guidance and education system in Italy and within European projects for more than 15 years.

Ison Psychometrica (Greece) 

ISON Psychometrica was founded in 1991 as the evolution of the first company offering Applied Psychology services in Greece. Its work groups consist of scientists specialized in various fields of Psychology, Counseling, Marketing, Information Technology and Business Administration, with significant experience in Greece and abroad. Exclusive collaborations with internationally recognized organizations permit ISON to balance and use in Greece the most up-to-date tools for observing, predicting and understanding human behavior, personality, as well as individual and group capabilities.

Iskra Desenvolupament SCCL (Spain)

Iskra Desenvolupament SCCL is a web software development consultancy, founded in 2011 in Barcelona. With a workforce of 19 engineers develops complex digital products, especially CMS and knowledge based systems.

Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona Education Consortium is the body set up jointly by the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council de Barcelona to enable these authorities to manage education in the city of Barcelona. The Barcelona Education Consortium’s mission is to advance towards integrated management of education in the city under the principles of proximity and efficacy, with the overall aim of improving levels of excellence and equity. The consortium is committed to education that is inclusive, embraces innovation and promotes networking by increasing autonomy and optimising public resources. Barcelona Education Consortium is the sole interlocutor with state and subsidised private schools in the city, and the one- stop administrative window to attend to the needs of families as regards education.