Best practices- Programa de iniciación al mercado de trabajo “Despegando hacia el futuro”

Programa de iniciación al mercado de trabajo “Despegando hacia el futuro”

Colegio Salesiano “San Francisco de Sales-El Buen Amigo”, Spain

In the present project we present a collaboration agreement between a non-profit organisation and an educational centre, through which, the Technicians of the Employment Area of the organisation will provide the recipients with logistical and competence tools that will allow them to start their personalised itinerary of Active Job Search, prior to the end of the formal training they develop.

This project will be developed in two phases:

  • Training
  • Active Job Search


To initiate the beneficiaries in the Active Search for Employment, through the creation of a Personalised Itinerary of Insertion, with which to favour the knowledge of the different resources and entities that work for the accompaniment in the search for employment.

Knowledge of the Active Job Search Resources of the collaborating non-profit organisation.

Registration in a Placement Agency and assignment of a professional Guidance Technician from the collaborating non-profit organisation, to each recipient, to accompany him/her on the path towards the employment objectives that he/she sets for him/herself.

Preparation of the target group for the access to a job: creation and strengthening of the Curriculum Vitae and successful management of a job interview (in all its formats).

Approach to the labour competences required in any job: Responsibility, Teamwork and Communication.

The Training Programme is taught in the classrooms of the academic centre for all students of the Intermediate Level Vocational Training Cycles, whose average age is 18-19 years old.