Best practices – Enginy program

Enginy program

Barcelona Education Consortium, Spain

Workshops for students to discover professions.

The Enginy Program is offered as a universal measure for the educational attention of all ESO students within the framework of an inclusive education system, adapting to new challenges, current cultural, social, economic, scientific, and technological challenges; situating learning competency as a pillar to promote values ​​and attitudes of social inclusion; for different students to live and learn together, and to reduce inequalities, while emphasizing the role of teachers and educators as driving agents of these changes.

The different projects and/or workshops that are offered are together a taste of trades and new learning that cover different professional fields (technological, artistic, occupational, humanistic, sports…) and aim to be an inspiring guidance tool for the awakening of vocations among students that contribute to the definition of what their educational and professional future will be through new learning contexts for both students and faculty.

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