Best practices – ORIENTAdultos


CEPA Paulo Freire, Spain

The needs of the students are the center’s priority, and its objectives are:

  • Improve the educational community and optimize the educational environment by promoting activities that promote the psychosocial well-being of students and teachers.
  • Motivate to study and fight against school dropout, taking into account the needs of each student
  • Help students develop as individuals, trying to improve their quality of life through education.
  • Be open to changes and innovations.


  • Help and advise in your academic, professional career and personal development.
  • Collaborate in decision-making
  • Show research mechanisms for academic and professional exits
  • Promote the skills required for their access to different studies, through workshops and dynamics
  • Help the teacher to resolve doubts about qualifications, validations and academic issues
  • Guide teachers in non-curricular adaptation tasks for students who need it
  • Advise students with learning difficulties on methodology issues

The recipients are 484 secondary education students aged 17 to 55.