Best practices – Virtual Businesses

Virtual Businesses

5th high school of Galatsi, Greece

During the 1st Week, the group is introduced. The team developed their professional ambitions and recorded the possible directions they will follow in the next years of their studies. The possible goals were recorded and in the form of a business it was possible to absorb as many professional options as possible. In the 2nd week the students proposed and then chose from the list of proposed the business they will “set up”. During the 3rd week, a lecture was given by the educational consultant about the business scenario, what it will include and how it will be developed by the students. Information was provided on the principles governing a company-company-the Board of Directors-staff-capital-operating statutes, hologram and organization chart. In the 4th week, the Lecture was given for the research (in general) and what it included. What is a job market. Research was done on the design conditions of construction and operation of aspects of a business. 5th week. How to design a merchandise. Analysis of purchase and sale conditions of goods-services. The problems were then recorded. 6th week. The positions of the Board of Directors were divided into separate roles. The students recorded their responsibilities and obligations. 7th week. The business was inaugurated. Potential customers were recorded and invitations were sent. The operation stage begins. 8th week. At one meeting, the council was found to have deviated from the budget. This is how the advertising process was designed. Problem analysis, design-execution. Switch roles. 9th week. Development of applications in a computer environment. The factors that affect the performance of an employee became known and how this can be done beneficially in the planogram. 10th week. Students followed visits to public private companies in their spare time to get to know the operating environment 11-12th week. The company “reached” a normal operating rate. The students recorded their feelings. To conclude they created a presentation in Powerpoint format as comprehensive as possible of their steps.

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