Best practices – Guiding Schools

Guiding Schools

Università di Bari, Italy

Guiding Schools is a project funded by the Erasmus plus (KA2) program and involves 8 partners from 7 European countries. The project works to define internationally and locally implement a quality framework for career guidance in secondary schools. The aim is to investigate the needs at the local level in different countries to promote a framework that helps teachers to design career education programs and quality guidance services. We will develop digital tools to help schools improve their offer of professional learning and guidance services.

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Best practices – SORPRENDO


Centro Studi Pluriversum, Italy

SORPRENDO is the innovative technology platform for career guidance, designed to help people make responsible decisions for their future. Using tools for self-assessment of one’s interests, preferences, skills and a database with detailed fact sheets on over 450 career paths, SORPRENDO allows people to identify study and work goals and build action plans to achieve them.

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Best practices – Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Confindustria Pesaro Urbino, Italy

The project aims to bring school and the world of work closer through a series of digital laboratory meetings that guide students in an interactive and engaging exploration of the professions and the business world. The path is developed in 3 moments: an initial preparation for the young people to meet the world of work, a central one for exploring the productive contexts and the professionals who populate them through the use of video materials and a final one for study and analysis of the business context. A series of videos on local companies become, during the workshops, study material and first “exploration” of the world of work. The initiative is structured in online meetings that allow students to enter different realities and create bridges between their personal history, their wealth of experience and the world of work.

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